The Alchemy Project is an innovative project based in Boston, Lincolnshire and the surrounding fostering a better understanding of the town’s culturally-diverse community.

Since January 2012 Lincolnshire-based cultural solutions UK is curating and delivering a bespoke programme of creative activities including creative writing, film making, drama, dance and music.

The Alchemy Project is blending its innovative programme of arts and cultural activity with a specially-devised training programme for volunteers, local authorities and community organisations, helping to encourage understanding.

The Alchemy Project is an initiative set up by JUST Lincolnshire, the county’s equality and human rights organisation, with funding from the Community Development Foundation. The project has subsequently received funding to develop year two's plans targeting young people from The Mighty Creatives (TMC), a charity working across the East Midlands to champion young people’s creativity and innovation.


Misty Boston Scene photograph by Katie Smith