February 2014

February 2014 has been a busy month for both groups working with the LBP programme. Haven High have undertaken creative consultation to start their journey and a Graffiti workshop with James Mayle.

They will now begin a series of workshops which will support their Arts Award journey. All 11 young people from Haven High will engage in Bronze or Silver Arts Award.

The Boston Cadet group have undertaken a Health and Safety Event Planning workshop as well as attended a gig in Nottingham. They will use all this new information and skills to develop a festival of their own in Boston in May. This event will take place at various venues in the town, but mainly in the market square and at the Sam Newsome centre and will see both Haven High and Cadets working together to programme, book and market the event targeting a diverse local audience.

The Alchemy Steering group also met in February offering connectivity to the work and bringing partners together to share opportunities and contacts. This group is an unusual mix of Lincolnshire Police, Just Lincolnshire, Victim Support, CVS, Boston Borough Council and local community representatives and works well to ensure the work is rooted in the community and its needs.

January 2014

As a Locally based partner (LBP), cultural solutions UK is using EMBridge investment to develop a young people’s strand of the Home Office funded Alchemy Project. The project aims to bring individuals and groups together through positive cultural activities and in so doing assist in the avoidance of Hate Crime in Boston and the surrounding area. As the town's future, young people are key in this process and the LBP project is supporting them to lead the way.

In 2013 the programme worked with Boston Police Cadets to begin a targeted young people’s strand. The Cadets are working on the development of a cultural programme which sees them taking part in Arts Award. Initial consultation through a Survey Monkey with Cadets identified several areas they were interested in exploring. See the tabs above for more information on each element.

In January 2014 Phase 2 begins and sees a group of Eastern European young people from Haven High Academy, Boston joining the programme. This group will also take part in the nationally-accredited Arts Award programme, as well as working alongside Cadets to research and programme culturally diverse arts activities and events in the town and surrounding area.