Night of Festivals Touring was a two day spectacular which came to Boston on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October 2013. It was commissioned by Transported, a 3 year project funded by the Arts Council which aims to get more people in Boston Borough and South Holland enjoying and participating in arts activities.

Some of the Cadets who are taking part in Arts Award attended and took photographs of the event.

Feedback 1

On October 28th 2013 I visited The Night of festivals which was set up by Transported. It was funded by the arts council. the aim of the event was to encourage the public to get involved with the fun art activities that were on offer. It’s part of a 3 year project in the Boston Borough and South Holland areas. The event was showed around Boston Central Park and the Market place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October. The event was well advertised in the surrounding areas to show what the event was all about. The only thing that could have made the day better was the weather. It was a very wet and windy day. If the weather was better then more people would have been out in the town centre and so the event would have had a wider audience.

I thought that the costumes were very different and interesting. The event had a positive impact on the community as it got the public out and about enjoying the wonderful display put on by transported. This was a different experience for me as it was the first proper festival that i had been to visit. I feel that vibrant colours used for the costumes made the event a lot more interesting for the public but in-particular the young children.

My favorite part of the event was seeing all of the different dances performed as they were very fun and exciting to watch and join in with. I also liked the costumes that people wore as they were vibrant and attracted people to have a look at what the event was all about. I think this event should definitely be held again next year.

Feedback 2

On October 28th 2013 I visited The Night of festivals which was set up by Transported (funded by the arts council) which was aimed to the public to encourage them to participate and get a taste of the art activities provided. It’s part of a 3 year project in the Boston Borough and South Holland areas. The Night of Festivals itself took part around Boston Central Park and Market place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October which has been widely advertised throughout the surrounding areas.

At the night of festivals; it was fun, joyful and everyone danced along to the music that was on offer. One of which I found great to listen to was the musicians who played music about freedom; their music got people moving and they were incredibly talented players. The instruments they used I have never seen before; e.g. the djembe drum and the Nyatiti, which look extremely hard to play.

I also watched some of the dancers that danced around market square and central park. This was also exciting to watch as they interacted with the public and was very funny; their costumes were really weird which made it more interesting to see. There was a huge tricycle that held modern musical instruments, like drums, different sized cow bells and a huge bass drum. They rode around from the market square through to central park playing great music.

I liked all the acts I saw, as they were joyful, fun and exciting. However, I felt that there should have been more people at the time performing different acts; this would add more excitement to the festival itself. Plus, a more variety of acts will increase the amount of audience and will make it more of a festival atmosphere.

This is the first ever festival I have been to and it was better than I expected. I liked how the acts were full of life and dancing around like there’s no tomorrow however, I think I should have stayed longer so I could see the other acts that were on set later that night. I liked the fact that it wasn’t on stage and it really interacted with the public. Also, I loved the idea about them moving from place to place rather than staying put, so everyone can see them.

The festival was really inspiring; I was really gutted to have gone so early, as I would have liked to see more acts and dances. I wish to see more festivals in the future and take even more photos and videos to add to my portfolio.

The festival was based upon Mandinga arts and people from the local areas were inside the costumes. Many of the costumes were beautifully made and everyone was very enthusiastic. Some people had make-up on to really make them a different character rather than seeing their human features; certain dancers had glow in the dark make-up with stood out in the dark with bright, fluorescent colours.

The Mandinga arts were set up back in 2002 to share, practice, improve, educate and promote carnival arts. They used award-winning puppets, costumes, masks, floats for carnivals for festivals and theatre across many parts of the world. They have inspired many people throughout the UK and anyone can get involved.