Working as a team was another element that the Young People chose to explore in more detail. Daisy Edwards was contracted via TMC to run the session which were planned to include hands on activities as well as reflection opportunities.

The Cadets worked in their sections (4 groups) and also in larger groups of 12 to take part in several activities including:

Activity 1

The cadets were given a bamboo pole and were asked to place their fingers under the pole and without losing touch to lower it to the ground.

Activity 2

The cadets were given a small part of a picture and asked to recreate it and enlarge it on paper. Once they had drawn their part of the picture they had to work together to create the large image. This exercise was looking at departmentalising work and how firstly you need to talk about your approach so you are all working in the same way.

Activity 3

Using only 20 pieces of newspaper and selotape the cadets made a tower.


Cadets could clearly see the benefit of one person leading a team in an activity such as:

Activity 1. Clear communication and good listening were vital to achieve the task as a group.

Activity 2 identified how it is vital for teams to all be on the same page at the beginning of a task to enable each person to approach the task using the same method and to work as one.

Planning was also an important skill and all exercises showed the importance of setting aside time to plan. The groups who all had a shared understanding of how they were going to achieve did better.

As an abstract concept the young people were clear what team building and leadership meant to them within the concept of their possible future employment; within their peer group(s), and within the TMC/Alchemy/LBP programme.

What was particularly pleasing to note was how the young people were clear on how refined team building /leadership skills would offer them more options in securing future employment, whilst at the same time empower them in their decision-making in all aspects of their life.

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